2014 Predictions

Yup, it’s that time of year again, so here we are, my predictions for 2014. As always I will say that I in no way claim to be a psychic in the grand sense, just that sometimes I can see things that come true. I started writing these a couple of weeks ago and one has actually come to pass but I do elaborate beyond the news item.

So how did I do for 2013? https://mrssauga.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/2013-predictions/ You be the judge 🙂

1. Medical first responders are being called from across Canada – they need nurses and paramedics and doctors (interns accepted) to aid in a very large disaster in the mid-west but I’m not sure if it’s the US or Canada or both maybe (near the border?). I’m seeing fire but I also see flowing burning rivers of stuff so it could be a volcano or oil pipe explosion? Timeframe is around March.

2. In January near new years there a disaster that people think initially is terrorist related – it’s not, it’s natural. West coast US.

3. Weather – the nasty winter we’re having in Eastern Canada continues. There’s a break in February with sun and melting that has people thinking maybe we’ll get an early spring but it will come back with a vengance. Will be May before the snow clears. This whole year is water, lots of water. In Quebec eastern townships an earthquake (medium sized) and ledo clay will cause houses to slide with some deaths reported. That might be around June.

4. Royal family – significant upheaval. Prince Philip dies in September I think and the Queen will rethink her role – takes to reigning in name only, handing offer her duties to the younger ones. Prince Charles has a health scare – heart? (As an aside, I don’t see him ever being King). Prince Harry gets engaged in the summer, Kate will be pregnant again with an August announcement.

5. Justin Beiber slips out of public eye around February for some time. He has health issues that need to be taken care of. He also needs to have some space to get back to reality. He will be home in Canada for a few months at least. Will eventually spend more time writing music for others and is thinking of pursuing more acting roles.

6. Cancer. This is a year where a number of well known people will be diagnosed with cancer and it will be enough that it will seem surprizing. One notable young male actor will die of what I think is bone cancer (and it’s not Justin Beiber, lol).

7. I don’t where to begin with Stephen H and the government. The pot that boiled this year overboils and the mess that’s been hidden overflows. The conservative government won’t last through 2014. The next election, when it comes after a period of interim government called by the Governor General will be won by the NDP. The Liberals will be in power again but not before the election after this one (2017) and both elections will result in minority governments. The Conservatives will be reduced to a number similar to when Kim Campbell was leader after the election that nearly ended the PC party. On another note, I see an aircraft with flames burning just below the passenger door on the left hand side that somehow ties in with all of this (a trigger?) but – is this image literal or figurative?

8. Rob Ford. Hmm. I see a body on the floor, a hand, a gun. Is it him or related to him in someway or, like the plane image, figurative? Regardless this is something happening in May. There will be an election in Toronto in April I think.

9. Somebody wonderful from England becomes well known this year. I believe it’s a woman and she is young, but she has a gift that makes people feel good about themselves but importantly, others. Very much a Mother Theresa vibe about her but she’s not religious; she’s either a singer or writer.

10. Bitcoins are going to be more than people realize. Credit cards and banking in general is going to be revolutionized – not necessarily all in one year, but this is a starting wave that is impossible to ignore. The evolution is not by government but by people disillusioned and frustrated by years of financial thievery on the part of banks and government. Last year I saw the credit cards being called out and fees lowered – it sort of happened but not nearly as much as I had thought. Regardless, what they did wasn’t good enough. Watch for a housing market meltdown caused by attempts to cool the rising prices that unfortunately are lowering prices in areas there’s no need for that to happen and the difficulty and frustration middle class people see with getting a mortgage and the high down payments needed. The moral of this story is that low interest rates are great if you access to credit. Many people don’t.

11. Finance Minister Flaherty will resign, ostensibly for health reasons but more likely to avoid fall out from something being uncovered in the late winter Feb/March timeframe. (Yes I know I predicted this last year, may well be the same prediction happening a little later is all).

12. Sochi Olympics – Ukranian athletes – I see police arresting a number of them on suspicion of a threat. There isn’t one, at least not from them. I do see that these games will be full of nerve wracking incidents that scare people, but no actual harm to the athletes and spectators. The terrorist attacks that happened over the last couple of days (2) will continue though. I see 3 more (for a total of 5).

13. Overall I see it as a year of people finding themselves at their truest level. People want simple now, and family, happiness is what is most important after years of being burnt by employers and banks and credit card companies. In a way they’re just saying “enough, you can take your money grubbing ways, we’re not interested in that anymore.” The effect of this on industry though is huge because for now at least, consumerism is dead.

14. Electrical source – a new novel affordable home electrical generator set up/device that will power individual homes will be made available widely for people to buy. I see this coming out of Japan – it will be quite popular in Europe and North America, so much so that there will be a shortage and waiting lists for orders. This should be late fall (November) when it will be a commonly known and wanted item.

So what do you think? Will this be as accurate as last year? Time will tell!