End of August Musings

At the beginning of August I did a remote viewing that I didn’t post here. I’m glad it didn’t happen, though it is possible that it could still happen. Basically it involved the evening of August 23, 2014 being one where we’ve been staring at the tv so long that we’ve just decided it was time to stop watching. It had a 9/11 feel about it, and there were massive things that happened in important capitals like London, New York and for some odd reason Ottawa. Whatever it was, communications were down so information there was spotty. We decided we needed something to eat, and hoped something like KFC was open, or perhaps a Chinese food take out place.

Regardless, hasn’t this been a horrendous month? I literally feel queasy thinking about the world and how we seem to be falling from a dangerous precipice, one where the machinations are not things we are privy to. We have to just take the stuff the media feeds us and hope that somewhere in there is a glimmer of truth.

Suicide. Robin Williams’ suicide bothered me greatly (and still does). It brought back the sad month of March where two people I knew killed themselves, and it reminded me of a long ago best friend who died in November, of what I will probably never know.

I think that what the world needs now is laughter, to remind ourselves that whatever else is going on out there, when there’s not much you can do about it, you can laugh. And laughter feeds the soul in a way that nothing else does. I hope that with Robin’s passing, others will step in and help fill the void with their own unique voices. We may need to discover many comics, his boots are large ones to fill indeed.

Now that I’ve published the first print of the Geneve Blue book Off-Air, once the minor tweaks that need to be done as a revision, I think our dear Geneve needs to turn her attention the as-yet-unfinished humourous novel about the underlings who work for the government. And beyond that, perhaps I’ll be working on some more funny essays like Our Wedding and Other Miracles (http://www.aerendel.ca/cathisplace/Wed.htm).

As far as remote viewing goes, I haven’t tried to look at world events though I will. I have a personal tax thing that’s bothering me so that’s what I’ve looked at (I’ll be okay, it seems – fingers crossed I’m right on that one) but I will and if there’s anything out of the obvious that won’t get me in trouble, lol, I’ll post it.

So that’s it for August, and on to September.

Off-Air published!

Off-Air is actually a Genève Blue novel (http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/off-air/15045684) that was finished in 2010.  I tried to find a publishing house to do this one because quite frankly I love this story.  I could see a least one or two novels coming out of this one, but whether they get written depends of course on inspiration and whether or not anybody actually reads it.  Given that I Ching Jukebox (http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/i-ching-jukebox/3705606) has only sold 5 copies, we’ll see what happens.

Off-Air has been submitted to the new indie book contest (http://fw.to/CLHTddN) – it’s open to Canadian self-published authors who published books between Jan. 1, 2013 and Sept. 1, 2014 so if you have an edited and formatted book ready to publish it’s well worth checking it out.  You never know.