Now on to the Next Phase of My Life

Oh my stars, I’ve been busy.

Let’s see: we took the old rusty trailer to Ed’s Salvage (where, remarkably, somebody bought it to use on their farm I think. We’ve gone up to the land in Quebec and discovered the travel trailer with the falling down roof had been broken into and completely stripped of everything of value, including the toilet (??) but they left the dishes and cutlery so we brought those back, sterilized them twice and now have more dishes, lol. The bullet hole through the windshield of the old dead van we had there was a nice touch. Nice enough that we had no regrets about agreeing to the people we were buying the land from that they could take them both for scrap metal and finish the payments. We also told them we’d be happy to sell the land if anyone is interested. While it was nice to have a woodland spot away I really was concerned being in a hunting area with no service of any kind so some hunter will be happy to have it for their hunting camp I guess – certainly not suitable for a cottage. But that’s okay too because…

The job I applied for last August, interviewed for in December and negotiated over since then is now a fait accomplis. Effective June 3rd I am back among the employed, and am moving to Fredericton, NB. Yay me!

Now in case any one is wondering whether once again I’ve really lost it this time, no I haven’t. I know the Department I’ll be working for pretty well, and some people there as well, and I’ve never heard anything bad about it. Yes, it’s the government, yes, there are good and bad things about working there, but it does get me to the maritimes and by selling my house I’ll be able to pay off all or most of everything I owe. You can’t argue with that, working again is small price to pay for getting back on my feet completely again. The hand holding that comes with relocation is greatly appreciated as well because I honestly couldn’t get my mind untwisted with respect to how I’d figure out the selling and buying and stuff otherwise.

So – in the past few months we got new tires for both vehicles and some repairs (but they both need to be brought in again before we leave for minor things). We took our big orange cat Moe to the vet for a lion cut and his shots (he’s now looking rather smaller, but seems much more perky, lol). Our dog goes for shots on Monday and then the other two cats need them too.

I’ve been stripping wallpaper in the bathroom, bought new plain wallpaper and will do that and paint it this weekend.

I got a quote for repaving the driveway – pricey – “it’s not a driveway, it’s a parking lot” I was told (yes, it’s huge) so that will either have to be negotiated with the eventual buyer if it’s an issue, or the other option is to scrape, level and put gravel for half the price. No time for either now so yes, that’ll be a buyer concern (or arranged through the real estate agent? do they do that?).

Still up:
-getting the old stove, washer, dryer, snow blower and bicycles scrapped (I’ll get someone to do this)
-spray weedkiller on the driveway and patch up the spots that had weeds
-get a driveway junk bin and toss everything old and useless out (that’s going to be a big  job)
-figure out the best way to deal with the animals during the house hunting trip
-figure out how to deal with the animals when we actually move! It’s a 10-12 hour drive.

So much to think about, but you know what? I’m having fun 🙂