Cassandra is a novel that was written between November 1988 and April 7, 1990.  It was a time when I was 26, just married, just moved to the Toronto area, pre-children.  The painting is from a photo taken around that time at a cottage in New Brunswick.  It has lived in my basement on a wall until the last couple of years and I am happy to see that it really fits the novel that was written around that time.  It too has lived in the basement for years, waiting for me to do something with it.

I’m happy to say that like my little novella Sarah, this one is going up on Tablo. Genève Blue is happy to put her name to this one 🙂 I am editing as I type it out on the computer and whether or not it becomes an Amazon ebook or a paperback (if so it will start out on remains to be seen.  I’ll decide that when I’m done.  In the meantime, it’s a pleasant trip back to the late ’80s and what it was like to be in my mid-twenties.

Seems like yesterday.

2015 Mid-Year Predictions

This year is going by so swiftly and there’s just so much happening that I thought it might be good to look ahead again as we are past the midpoint and already a lot of what I pointed out before has happened. There’s also a major shift of sorts that I’m seeing so I want to put out there a mid-2015 and beyond longer looking ahead.

But first my usual disclaimer. I am by no means claiming to be a fortune teller. As long as I can remember I did a thing I called looking ahead where I imagine a future time or date and mentally try to see what I see. Later on I learned this is a form of remote viewing so I have taken some classes in that and looked at a DVD program. The formal remote viewing I can do, but in my wanting to have a glimpse of tomorrow I still do my old looking ahead and seeing what I see. Am I right? Occasionally. For me it’s fun and people in my life a few years ago asked me to post them so I do now. Personal looking ahead things I write down and keep private for obvious reasons. Do I do this for other people? Just friends and family, for fun really or to give an opinion on something if asked because again, I’m not always right and I don’t claim to be doing anything more than a mental exercise; sometimes I glimpse things that don’t happen for a couple years after when I thought they would. It is really is just a fun exercise for me.

If you want to try this, there’s no harm in trying it yourself. So here’s what I do. When I’m relaxed and things are quiet (like on a Sunday afternoon when no one’s around, or just before sleep), I close my eyes and say to myself mentally “it is (whatever date, month, etc., something like spring 2017, April 2016, December 31st 2015)” and then try to picture myself in that date. I mentally think of all the people close to me, people I’m wondering about; if there’s a country or star or something I specifically want to look at I’ll think of them. Usually I will just mentally try to picture where I am – if I’m thinking of a job situation, can I imagine myself at the workplace? If I’m thinking of a person, can I imagine them in that date? If I want a general idea of what’s happening I picture myself reading a newspaper with that date (that’s how I do my Dec 31st ones). Now, before you try this I will warn you: sometimes try as you might you may not be able to picture somebody at a date in the future. A few times for me it turned out that that person died and it freaked me out so badly I stopped this for a number of years. Later on, because of life events I chose to try to get that glimpse again and doing it more I realized that somebody not being there doesn’t mean they are dead, it means they are out of your life at that point in time. If this happens for you, try looking at a different time and see if they come back to view. If not, again, it doesn’t mean they are dead, they could just be out of your life (maybe for a long time or forever – it happens).

Here goes:

August 23, 2015 Looking Ahead:

• Art Bell’s wife will be pregnant with a son by March. It will be fine this time.

• Elections – I still see NDP and Liberals closely tied. NDP wins. Conservatives 3rd, Greens more seats. A note on the Greens – watch in the coming two elections after this one, they will be heard more and will get more seats similar to how the Greens are in Europe.

• I saw George Noory in a serious romantic relationship by Christmas of this year.

• El Niño – scientists today are saying warm water will lessen its effects. If so it would be a monster because it will be a brutal winter in ways we don’t expect. I still see fire for this year but focusing on El Niño I see a lot of wind and wild fluctuations in temperature between mild and suddenly colder with snowstorms then mild spring-like weather again. Electricity outages are widespread across Canada – not all at once – but it will be a theme, often due to the wind. Gotta get those wires underground!

• President Carter – I really like him so I looked. I see him at 93. He’ll be around a bit but staying home. Cancer will be managed – remission?

• Royal family – an accident (motorized conveyance) hurts one of them; I see a wheelchair. Andrew maybe? I see his face he might be it or there when it happens? Not sure. Late Fall I think.

• Economy – When I think of this year I get a 1929 feel about things. There’s a fragile balance right now. I say 1929 because there are cycles in time where a similar feel and tone to another plays out – on a grander scale, is this similar on a world level to reincarnation on a people level? Anyway, that’s what I keep getting, and like I said in the December 31st post things are are still looking like they are going to be very different by the end of the year. In my own lifetime I liken the feeling I get that’s closest to this is 9/11 but it’s not the same, it’s not terrorism, it’s a feeling of “before 2015 it was like…after 2015 it’s…” with a different feel. That kind of a shift. But I think it’s economically related so that peripherally governments and people are affected. At the end of the day people in the middle class, those who are suffocating with debt, they actually will come out the better because of remedies (I still see debt forgiveness but I have to admit it may be wishful thinking on my part unless there’s a major shift in policy).

• Bright lights – there are some. Remember, in difficult times is when very bright lights emerge to shine in the darkness. I’m still waiting for that dark haired Australian fellow to make us all laugh. There’s going to be a resurgence in music that we can compare to the 60s/70s – folksy, musically wonderful and a change. We’re going to see more of this in the coming months and years. In film, art and literature it’s mainly because of new ways of getting the work out is becoming mainstream so the popular work will get the attention it deserves, and they will be popular because they are good and different, taking advantage of the newer mediums – again it’s a 1920s/30s feel if you look at radio/film/art/literature.

• Current ideas of reusing, sharing, cooperation, homemade, gardening in small spaces, all of these themes will continue to grow. That mentally links me back to the 30s/40s. It’s not just because we have to (too expensive? make do/make your own) but because we really want to. We are throwing off the consumerism/marketing mantal in a big way in the coming months and years. It’s all about the things that really make us happy instead of shiny new toys we need to pay for for years. But – technology is where the leap forward is. People are clamouring for new energy technologies and new communications (and by extension entertainment). We really start to see more of this towards the end of the year and onwards, but even then it’s about how inexpensively we can do this. Doesn’t bode well for big telecom/wireless companies, especially after November. Not sure why November but there we have it.

• Donald Trump – something early next year causes him to stop playing the court jester/devil’s advocate role and get serious. He loses out eventually but he does show a side to him that’s more intelligent and thoughtful. The damage has been done as far as his reputation goes though. People just don’t trust him and trust is a major issue going forward in 2016/2017. Not lip-service media line trust. Really trustworthy is what is important.

• Scandals – we’re not done yet. There are more and the interesting thing in these scandals this year is the underlying issues they expose – it is becoming less about who did what but the how and the why. Watch for another male that we honestly can’t fathom doing what he did. Tied to Europe and this person is a young middle-aged one.

So. That’s my fun for late August. Am I right? We’ll see!