Off-Air update

product_thumbnailOff-Air by Genève Blue is a labour of love that spanned two Nanowrimos, got ignored by a publisher, I put it up on Lulu as a paperback, ordered a proof copy and realized there was a whole bunches of edits needed before hitting the “approve” button for review by Amazon.  That last bit was almost year ago.

So over this past 11 months I’ve been proof-reading the book and just waiting for the time to sit down and fix it all.  This vacation week I finally did a few things I’ve wanted to, and it all started with finding my first novel, Sarra, Alone in A Strange New World.  I was 17 when I wrote it and shows.  Still, for a 17 year old it wasn’t bad.  What freaked me out was that I wrote it 35 years ago and there’s a whole lot that was in that book (because it’s futuristic science fiction) that didn’t exist then.  And uh, they do now.  You’d have to read it for yourself to see what I mean.  Anyway, that’s on Tablo just as a freebie read, I don’t plan to make that an eBook or anything like that unless I get so many readers that it makes sense to do that, but honestly, I doubt that it’s that good.  It’s a fun and short read if you like that sort of thing.

This led to finally putting Genève’s I Ching Jukebox up finally as an eBook on Amazon.  It already is there as a hardcover, and I sold enough copies to get a royalty cheque (nothing to get up and jump about, it was their minimum release amount) but I hadn’t finished doing the eBook or softcover version.  This was my experiment and I’m pleased to say it was quite simple so that will be up on Amazon soon, and readable on Tablo.

So that led me to thinking about Off-Air, a book I really enjoyed writing and reading it over.  So I updated the Lulu paperback, ordered a proof copy with the royalty amount I had, and then worked on the eBook version.  I am pleased to say that’s another accomplishment.  It is readable on Tablo:  Off-Air.

This has been an incredible week off, and it’s not over yet 🙂  I have to revise my poetry book to approve the softcover copy up but it also makes me realize that here’s another book that needs the eBook treatment; and, I still need to finish formatting I Ching Jukebox as a paperback.  Will I do that this week?  Probably not.  Anyway, this all clears the way for more writing and painting which is something I’ve been desperate to get back to doing.

Yay me!

Sarra, Alone in a Strange New World – a novella on Tablo

Sarra, Alone in A Strange New World is a book I wrote back when I was 17-18.  I had big dreams back then, I was going to be a world famous author and this was my first finished book.  I sent it off to many publishers and waited and waited and … nobody liked it. Rejected, it sank to the bottom of a box and waited while I grew up, got married, got unmarried, had children, wrote lots of other stuff, moved, got a few things published, published a few more on my own. It came to see the light of day today.

Back in 1979-80 young adult fiction didn’t really exist, certainly nothing of the brevity of the vampire novels and hundreds of others that have been published in the last ten years or so.

I decided that since this novella had been typed on now yellowing paper and if that’s gone it’s gone forever, I should try and transcribe it to a Word file.  At the end of Chapter 1 (about a third of the way through) I thought: you know what?  It’s not that bad.  And there’s some freaky things in there if you consider that it was written 35 years ago.

I haven’t changed it except for spelling errors and adding a couple of “he said”s to clarify things.

This is what I do on my vacations, when I’m not playing with pallets in the backyard trying to create stuff, and eating ice cream by the Saint John River.

Life is good.