Platform horses

I dream of horses standing eyes blinkered

Standing on platforms and looking bewildered

I don’t know what it means

I know how it feels

I do

I am standing on precarious platforms

Blinded for finding the answers

The drivers are missing

Who would have thought

My answers would turn into problems

Not of my doing

I’m not a little bit scared

I don’t want to look

At what just might happen

If those who took my helping hand

Don’t realize soon

They are dragging us with them

Down a very dry well

We don’t deserve it

Doesn’t the universe

Reward those who help others?

I don’t want to be angry

But I am

I don’t want to worry my love

But I do

Cause it’s so hard to find the solutions

To problems that shouldn’t be mine

The horse is biting at the bit

To race beyond the gate

If only I could take these

Blinkers off

Step off the platform

And run free.

(c) Catherine M. Harris, June 16, 2008