Remote Viewing a secret

I was asked the other day to try remote viewing the 3rd secret of Fatima by a friend. At first I laughed finding the idea of that very funny, kind of like when Ed Dames remote viewed Satan, however when I thought about it the idea of what the result would be intrigued me. My thought has been so far that it foretold the 3rd world war, and that the very technology involved would be incredibly scary indeed. More than enough for the Catholic church to hide it for years, and more than enough to release part of or even a fictional version of what was really written. That being said, my skills in remote viewing are innate in that I’ve done what I’ve called “looking ahead” for as long as I can remember, and it’s normally about my life and the people around me. I’ve been right though, often enough that I do get asked by people close to me to try and see and tell them what I come up with. My new years post was one of those.

Now, if you don’t know who Ed Dames is, he is a remote viewer who is trained and teaches a scientific remote viewing system which he sells on his web site Some time ago I bought his DVDs (when I had a whole lot more money than now, lol)  but I’ve only looked at the first 2 so haven’t completed the full training and don’t use it for my “looking ahead”. I will say that following this little experiment in looking backward – which I’ve never done before – I will take the time to work through the rest of the course to learn his scientific way more fully so I can actually try it on stuff like this.

So. Here’s what I did:
First I had to figure out how the heck I was going to look backward, to a time I wasn’t born in and a place I’ve never been to. What do I focus on? I chose to think of Portugal, and three children kneeling in front of a light in the past.

Okay – now comes my huge disclaimer, which is I do not claim to be psychic, and I am a writer which means I have a vivid imagination. This may simply be an exercise in imagination. Take it as you will. Whatever it is, it was fun to do.  It basically involved meditating on a time and a place.

The session:
I saw 3 children kneeling and praying. There was a very bright light in front of them, so bright it was nearly blinding. In the centre there could have been a figure that could have been a woman, or it could simply be the mind making sense of the folds in the light.

Seeing that I chose a higher viewpoint – there was a lot of people behind these children so I figured this likely was the time and place I was looking for.

Then I wondered how would I hear what was said if only the 3 children heard and not the people behind, and if I did manage to hear, what if the language used was Portuguese? I mentally stood immediately behind the children, and what appears to have been said was telepathically.

So, huge disclaimer in mind, here’s what I got:

God is never angry and is not angry. He is disappointed that his message is being misused by humans. He is disappointed at what is being told in his name, and that organized religion is using him as a voice to further their own ends. The bible, for instance, is not meant to be read literally, but rather words as a vehicle to convey a message. This misuse of his name to further human ends has resulted in his name being used to promote hatred, division, and greed. These are not his message, those are controlling of humans by humans and is darkness and at times, evil. His message is not one of darkness and that is why he is disappointed.

What he wants is that the darkness be dispelled, that his name not be used to promote that which is contrary to his word. He will not wreak havoc and devastation on those who do this as that is not light, it is dark and it is angry and he is not that. Instead if the goodness that should be is not effected within the organized religions and the darkness dispelled and removed from his name he would soon shine light on these religions. In effect, giving them enough rope to hang themselves [my words, lol, I’m not sure how to say what I got there]. In doing so, organized religions will fall as they are man-made constructs of human determination using the name of God to further human ends.

This is not constrained to one particular religion, it is the Catholic church, the Protestants, the eastern, western and all other forms of organized religions who pray to a God for all forms of God are truly one thing crouched in cultural forms. In shedding light the darkness will not be still, it will fight back and further try to control and be divisive and hateful towards not their own, all using the name of God to further their ends. They will not succeed, but it will not be without a huge cost. This cost will be suffering and shedding of blood, among other things. The light however will win out and people will see that God is within and favour of God is not granted by following certain ways or rules or giving of money but who and how you are in spirit. This will not sit well with people who are heavily invested in perpetuating the bureaucracy of it and who have profited from this. In the end though, light always succeeds over darkness.

My thoughts on this are, and again I repeat, it may be pure imagination on my part but it would make sense that such a prophecy would be hidden by the church, and that there are many people who would be devastated if all of their firmly held beliefs and, in the case say of nuns and priests and anyone else who has entirely devoted their lives to a religion to find out that a lot of what they gave their entire lives to was perpetuating things that are unholy and dictated by people, not by the word of God.

So what do you think the true 3rd Secret of Fatima was? Do you think that the truth was revealed when it was supposed to be have released?