Two Links of Shameless Self-Promotion, and one of my favorite contests

Here’s the shameless self-promotion part.  I’m enjoying using Tablo for posting my works in progress with eventual publishing in mind.  While I usually use Lulu and still very highly recommend it, I also like being able to let people read stuff while it’s being worked on and being able to get comments and followers.

First, my promise of finally putting my short stories into book form is in progress.  I’ve titled it Goodnight, God after one of my favorite short stories.  If I want to be remembered for anything, it’s Goodnight, God and Karen – those are the two stories closest to my heart (so far).  The short stories are under my own name, Catherine M. Harris:

Next, there’s my in progress Nano novel still called the Late Night Cleaner’s Club but it may wind up being called something else since it’s less about cleaners and a whole more about a middle aged son caring for his mother who has demetia, and his life observations, memories (and his mother’s as well).  It’s a little different from what Genève Blue usually writes in that so far there’s no ghosts or paranormal at all 🙂

So finally, the CBC Creative Non-Fiction contest is back, and closes March 1st.  Don’t know what I’ll write about this year but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Now back to my Sunday evening.