At nineteen you stand wide eyed with wonder

Slightly touched by experience and yet

Not enough to be jaded – that’s a good thing

A lifetime stretching far in front

A close and yet so distant childhood

So near you can still feel it.

When you are nineteen

You can be all the things

You wish to be if you want to, maybe.

There are roads to take

Paths to follow

Words to read (so many!)

And listen to

Then evaluate

Forms to fill

Classes to take

Dreams to fulfill

Or not, as is your will.

‘Cause the dreams you dream now

Are what become your tomorrows.

Words of wisdom are wonderful

If understood they are filtered

Through lives lived by others

Good to heed but not to lead

For your road is the path

Not taken yet.

Have faith.

Believe in yourself

Remember always

The days and nights given

Are numbered to you and you only

Those shared are special

But in the end

Have few regrets

Those anchors weigh you down.

Life your life with all your heart

And all your soul

For what matters most is

Not how good you were

But the good you did for others

And for yourself.

Live, love, be happy.

Be smart, work hard, study.

Most of all, be true to yourself;

Everything else falls into place.

Nineteen, for all its wonder and its angst

Is a truly incredible place to be.

(c) Catherine M. Harris, July 5, 2010 and we all know who this is for.