A Farewell to Yahoo Groups

I posted this message to Yahoo Groups as it is being shut down on December 14th. I was a moderator of the INFP Group (the original one). So here for posterity is my goodbye to what was once an wonderful place to be.
October 27, 2019 – So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

A blow to the heart it was to see that Yahoo Groups is shutting its doors, you can’t post after October 28th (Monday) and I’ve spent the past few days trying to figure out how to download my history. I did ask Yahoo to provide me with my user data which might give me some of what I posted but not all. The thing is, it’s been 20 years since I joined the INFP group. I wasn’t who I am now, and my original email has long ago been shut down with the demise of Netscape. I tried to search for my very first post but so far haven’t found it – it would be among the first 3 or so volumes in the history but I’m not sure if it was a response or what.

A whole generation has gone by since that day in April of 1999 when I was home from work for a week or so because I had pulled a tendon in my right foot and had to stay off of it. I was a married mom of two children, a 2 and a 7 year old and I had recently found out through a work Myers-Briggs session that I was an INFP.

To say that it was a life changing moment is an understatement. I had grown up being that odd duck who created stories and paintings and songs and would act out stories with my friends before I could put my stories to paper. I also had freaky dreams that sometimes came true and I kind of just knew things that resulted in adults getting annoyed and telling me to stop being so precocious. I was a shy little thing who kept to her own company and had a few close friends who got me. I was an alien in the land of rules who saw things slightly differently and was a tomboy at a time when little girls wore frilly dresses and wore hats and gloves to church. Me, I climbed trees and went fishing with the boys. So imagine discovering that there were other creative folks who fiercely held to their beliefs and didn’t quite fit in. In my convalescence I decided to search on the internet for anything INFP related though at that time there were more questions than answers on the internet as many can recall.

Still, I found a really good site and read everything in there, and when it came to a link section I was so happy, there were message boards where people could discuss the topic. There were others out there like me. How could I not join? The INFP group was originally located on One List and I joined this remarkably busy list. I found a home.

So fast forward to today. I am the moderator who rescued the group from the ravages of spam and trolls when Yahoo (which had bought out One List and started Yahoo Groups) allowed people to petition to become moderators of abandoned lists. It wasn’t abandoned, but our original list owner wasn’t able to sign in and got busy with life. I’ve been a quiet moderator, mostly reading without comment but approving people and removing spam because over the years I had a whole less time to devote to this list and I have to say while I miss the camaraderie, since this list was created so too were sites like MySpace then Facebook and Twitter and all of the other ways that people can connect. A lot of things have happened these past 20 years.

For me though, this list indeed was a life changer. I went from married to single to living with my sweetie; I’ve moved from Mississauga to Arnprior to Fredericton. My children are grown and one of them is married. I changed my job 4 times and even retired for 9 months before I accepted the job I’ve been in for 6 years. That’s a lot. I lost several people close to me, including this year my mother who was 1 month shy of 100. I’m older now and I’d like to think wiser though I’m not entirely sure about that one.

I met my sweetheart (Jim Wellington a.k.a Talerocker a.k.a. Quaeglan) here on this list – he was 500 miles away in the US and we were fellow writers and web site programmers who just got on well as people. On 9/11 as I was unpacking my newly separated life in my new townhouse Jim and I decided to talk on the phone (he was 50 miles from New York working at a radio station the day it happened, me I was working in Canada at a place that was responsible for landing all those planes trapped in the airspace over Canada and travelling to the US from Europe) and we both just needed to talk to somebody a little more involved than having watched the endless television loops. We haven’t stopped talking since and have been living together for 17 years. Thanks, INFP list.

I’ve come to know some wonderful people I’d never have known had I not joined; a few I’ve met in person – one became my son’s piano teacher. Many of these people I am acquainted with on Facebook and I’m very glad we have shared this journey together.

Thank you everyone.

p.s. I am on Facebook as well as Twitter. You can read my writing on my WordPress blog at https://mrssauga.wordpress.com. Oh – and Douglas Adams is still one of my favorite writers. So for me the answer to the meaning of life and everything will always be 42. So long, list.