Predictions for 2020

Yes, it’s time for my annual predictions. Just a reminder that I do this for fun, and how I do it is basically to imagine what the news will look like on December 31, 2020 in the year in review. That’s it.

Here goes:

  1. Big volcanic event in the Pacific – looks like Hawaii but I’m not sure about that.
  2. Trump:  illness, hospitalized, something to do with the blood, stress is a factor.
  3. Politician dies falling overboard from a ship.
  4. Worldwide call for simpler times.  Rejection of current society.
  5. Schism deepening between hardline “my way or the highway” people and more moderate, flexible, open minded people – especially in the US and the UK.
  6. More Brexit drama, more delays.  Assassination attempt but not sure against who, someone who is connected to the EU?
  7. Ireland seriously looking at reuniting.  Diplomatic talks begin.
  8. Staying the course – looks like our own Canadian government is fine for 2020 no major upsets.
  9. Market upheaval – major spike followed by a crash in the Fall starting around May.
  10. Water and ice is there for this year’s weather.  Volcanic eruptions in the Pacific rim, earthquake activity on the US west coast, severe hurricane activity on the US east coast but not touching Canada this time.  Canadian weather fairly moderate for 2020 except for a resurgence of fires in the west.
  11. Hong Kong issues continue – are now striving to be an independent country.  There is western support but general decision is to remain out of it.
  12. Religious tensions arise in India related to more regulations being passed that are deemed to be anti-minority.
  13. African powerhouse – new entrepreneur from Africa starting to build new industry that will be appreciated world wide.
  14. Child of someone well-known – perhaps a celebrity – will pass from a vaccine preventable illness and will spearhead a vaccination campaign in the media.
  15. Royal family lying low – trying to anyway – out of respect for the Queen and Prince Phillip – age is an issue this year, age-related press.
  16. New form of treatment for schizophrenia to be in trials and appearing to be somewhat successful.  Comes from an unexpected source (happy accident).
  17. More regulations on credit cards coming, interest related.  Hopefully it’s something that actually is helpful to consumers (that’s just a comment from me).

How accurate was I last year?  See for yourself here:



2019 Annual Predictions

Time for annual predictions.  For people new to this blog, I do these for fun and because every once in while I’m right so people have asked me to post them.  How I do it is to mentally place myself at December 31, 2019 so that I’m looking back over the year like the annual year in review shows and I write down what comes to me, which is what becomes what I see for the year 2019.  Sometimes these predictions happen later than I put down here but regardless, that’s pretty much it.

Note:  After I posted this I read through previous ones and there are predictions that come up year after year.  I don’t go over old posts before I write the new one so I guess the fact I keep seeing the same things is because they haven’t happened yet.  Here’s an amusing big X is that I said Trump definitely wouldn’t be President.  So you see, this is just an exercise in imagination.

Here goes:

  1. Large hurricane coming up from the south as far north as Nova Scotia.
  2. Trump administration has a reckoning of sorts. An indictment.
  3. Election favorable to the Liberals, new Conservative leader by end of the year – there’s a scandal that reflects badly on them which is a coup de grace for the Liberals – early summer/late spring.
  4. NDP and Green popularity rising.
  5. Major market diminution this year culminating in a form of a crash but it is in a way manufactured because it didn’t need to happen.
  6. Princess Kate has another girl – will be pregnant near year end.
  7. Prince Charles’ health is not good. He could be gone.  Some upheaval around this in the royal family.
  8. Twins for Megan – boy and girl. Will be another pregnancy not too long after.  Happy home there.  Will be a mending of fences of sorts.  They will have more children and family will be their focus.
  9. New Brunswick and energy – there’s going to be jobs in NB related to energy coming up this year.
  10. Train travel will be more accessible as there is a new player coming with trains that are much more modern and suited to the Canadian landscape.
  11. Society itself is changing – new forms of safer smoking is making it acceptable again. There’s a new form of vape for nicotine delivery that will not affect those around the smoker and doesn’t risk popcorn lung.
  12. Alcohol consumption is going down due to cannabis with cannabis drinks becoming available 2019/2020. People are finding cannabis is more pleasant than alcohol.
  13. There’s a major shift coming in society and the current left/right split will be lessening. The angry cannot contain itself much longer.  In the US that means a serious break.   There is a strong possibility of a devolution of States to more sovereign entities.  So might not be mendable –  not for many many years.
  14. A major cancer breakthrough regarding pancreatic and liver cancer is found.
  15. ALS and MS will have new and better treatments becoming available by the end of the year. Not a cure but an improvement.
  16. Another treatment for dementia will be available but still a long way before a major breakthrough in dementia I’m sorry to say.
  17. Look for hydrogen energy to become more usable for household and travel. There is a form a cube or box that will provide inexpensive local power coming that will provide inexpensive power that will take many partially or completely off-grid and weather and storms will be less of an issue for power outages.
  18. Price of electricity and gasoline dropping and producers scramble to sell their stock as even reducing output won’t change the end situation that people don’t want to rely on big companies any more.
  19. People in Ontario creating a backlash due to cuts for middle-income and older people. Across Canada public pharmacare and dental care is a major issue and will be reality by 2022.
  20. Huge ice shelves crumbling into the sea – Greenland?
  21. Provincial election in Ontario called quickly – could be related to Doug Ford’s health: heart problems.
  22. Weather – fire smoke and ice. More uncontrollable wild fires in western US and Canada as well as Australia.  Volcanoes continue to erupt in places where they were quiet – central and western US, South America, Iceland, Europe.
  23. Finally will have peace in Syria with a new regime coming.
  24. External terrorism is dying down but internal strife is increasing in Europe and the US.
  25. The continent of Africa is going to be more of a world player – technology will be a new force for commerce for them. In the long term we will see people moving to Africa for jobs, and because of the prosperity a lot of the internal strife will lessen.  A union of countries giving each other a hand up.
  26. Canada – politically fairly stable. Weather – extreme water event in the Prairies.  An earthquake on the east coast makes news.
  27. US – interim leader for Trump mid-summer? Not sure if it is claimed to be health or vacation.  Politically still a coiled spring of emotion down there.
  28. There’s a type of flu coming from South America to North America to Europe. There is no vaccine for this yet – new strain.  All are susceptible.
  29. Money – deflation. Credit card interest rates under scrutiny.  More issues with credit reporting agencies – this system will be changed to something more fair to people.

Dream about Corsica

This goes into disturbing dreams category, and I’m putting it here because the flash I had about Rob Ford and my flash I saw about the plane with the hole behind the door were both pretty prophetic so here’s this, in condensed version.

I was in a new place of business where I was somehow involved but don’t know how.  Anyway it covered several floors joined by a large wide white staircase.  I was in an upper floor and somebody asked where the owner kept something and we looked a bit for it, then I left and went downstairs.  There were people all down the stairway and they all seemed rather flustered.  I walked down several floors looking at these people and when I got to the main floor I asked a young woman who had tears in her eyes what was going on.  She said there had been a terrorist attack and a certain politician and a friend had been in a yacht in Corsica that had been destroyed and it didn’t look good.  She was angry that this politician had gone there, wondering what they were doing there.

I have written down the name of the politician in my personal notebook but I’m not putting it online, and I hope that is dream is not a literal one but a warning so I’ll leave it at that.  I’m hoping this is more of a warning that there’s an event related to Corsica that would metaphorically blow up this politician’s career.

Predictions for 2018

Here’s my annual “looking ahead” exercise. I’ve explained what I do before but first, this is something I do mainly for amusement. Since I’m sometimes right I do post them because I was told I should by friends. So here they are.

Basically what I do is a form of remote viewing but it’s my own form, something I’ve done for as long I can remember which is: clear the mind, think of a date or a season or a place in the future and basically describe what’s happening. Who is there? Who isn’t? For my year end thing I think of the end of December 2018, and then imagine I’m reading a news year end wrap up. That’s pretty much it. Take it for what it is, which is imagination.

However, just for fun, why don’t you try that and see what happens? Don’t forget to write it down 🙂

Here goes:

  1.   Rolling rivers of lava or mud – this is a major disaster but I don’t know if it is volcanic or a landslide or a tsunami.  It’s swampy muddy thick and wet, grey colour and scary to look at.
  2. Not long after Harry and Meghan get married they will announce a pregnancy.  I think it’s twins – a boy and a girl.  They will have several children in short succession over the next few years.
  3. Something about the mineral gold.  I see raw chunks and gold bars, lots of them.  I have no idea what this means.
  4. White mountain flowers in green grass.  Switzerland in the summertime, there’s an earthquake?  Shaking ground.  There’s also something about the Hadron colider but I’m not sure if it causes this or is shut down as a precaution for a few weeks because of this event.  Not a deadly thing, just a bit worrying.
  5. There’s a widespread outbreak in North American that has a rash (looks like measles?) and is somewhat drug resistant and there will be some deaths.
  6. Something about a 3 wheeled bicycle tour around the world.  The world is fascinated by this journey – it’s a 30ish year old woman.
  7. Weather – there’s a big tsunami in the same area as the previous huge tsunami, but this time people are a little more prepared, still an awful lot of damage.  Japan is involved here.  Overall this looks like a year of volcanic activity, earthquakes and lots of water again.  The drought is worsening and will continue in California and smoke in the atmosphere will cause cooling in the US west.  There’s earthquake activity on the west coast of North America as well as a serious one in Chile.
  8. Politics – a lot of upheaval.  The US will continue to be unstable for the whole year.  The middle east is building up for a break out against old ways?
  9. It looks like Canada will have a good year economically, and our weather won’t be as extreme as elsewhere.  There is a hurricane that touches the east coast, and it will be a hot and dry summer in the east.  The oil industry is beginning to shut down and some new companies are starting up in Alberta and Saskatchewan to bring inexpensive energy for home uses.
  10. A female politician dies suddenly.  Don’t know who.
  11. A very popular religious leader pops up – young man.  He isn’t what he seems:  “snake-oil salesman” comes to mind.  In general though, people are turning away from fundamentalism, and more towards humanism.
  12. A heartbreaking death of a young child (infant?) – known around the world, seems very unnecessary and is a tipping point for something.  Female, known because of who her parents are (not the royal couple, other people).

Have a wonderful 2018 everyone, and please, show compassion in everything you do.


Predictions for 2017

Predictions are something I’ve done for many years for fun and this is my 2017 edition. I decided to put them up a day earlier than I usually do because I love listening to predictions on shows like Coast to Coast so I thought it would be best to get mine up before the shows happen.

If you want to know how I do this please read my 2016 entry; also, you can read that and see if I was right at all 🙂

Here we go:

1. Prince Charles has a heart attack mid-summer. He may not make it, not sure.
2. Doesn’t look good for the Queen and Prince Philip either. Old age takes its toll – also may not be visible by the end of 2017; not sure if they are gone or if they are just not going out anymore due to ill health. I see a big funeral in England but I can’t place who it is, just that it is someone special.
3. The Church. Major changes are coming starting with the Catholic Church but it doesn’t just apply to that, it’s many religions. Many won’t be the same by the end of 2017.
4. The many high profile deaths of 2016 unfortunately hasn’t ended, there will be more and 2017 will have more younger souls than 2016 did. Changing energy?
5. Trump is in danger but I don’t think that’s news to anybody. I’m a little concerned about February and June. I see the White House on fire but I don’t know if that is figurative or literal. The fire feels like it is around May.
6. Last year was all about fire – 2017 is ground shaking. Earthquakes and volcanoes are the big events and will be taking place in some unusual locations with dormant volcanoes waking up. Pacific region both sides of the ocean. Ash clouds causing air problems in Pacific northwest of North America.
7. Marine life continues to die off. Methane from cracks in the ocean floor and poisoned water from oil spills on the bottom along with the poisonous surfactants main reasons. There are active volcanoes under the ocean too.
8. Health is a bright area. A breakthrough with ALS/MS that can actually be given to patients and help them will be available in mid-fall. There’s also a cancer breakthrough with liver or pancreatic cancer (that area of the body) – it has something to do with a virus and I think the new crspr technology. There’s also an implant for eyes that will help blind people who have pressure regulation problems.
9. I don’t see our Canadian politics having anything too challenging – the conservative leader election will be a safe choice, not Trump-style rebellion. Canadians aren’t thinking that way. It looks like it is a woman this time.
10. Hate crime will unfortunately continue to increase around the world and Canada is no safe place either. Dark forces unfortunately feeding paranoia to susceptible people. These dark force people won’t prevail. There is a sense of overall rejection by the common people of all forms of extremism. There will be riots and protests but it will be the middle class, workers, women, people who just want to live their lives and feel caught between the know-it-all-wealthy and the bring-back-the-good-bad-old-days people. This divide will end when the majority is finally speaking up and finally being heard. Will continue into 2020 at least.
11. Young people getting scared of the future are becoming political. This is a good thing – the current teen/twenty-something generation will be this century’s “greatest generation”. They know what is important and while they like their toys they also love each other and are very sharing and caring. That’s why they will put society into something more enlightened than our current selfish society is.
12. North Korea has a surprise. Not sure what this is but I think their way of life is changing sooner rather than later. Someone there is a quiet shining star who will bring about some change.
13. Banks, credit rating companies, collection agencies are going to be in the spotlight. The current rating system is going to be dismantled in favour of something fairer to consumers. There is something about collusion between banks and collection agencies that is part of the ending of the current system. This starts sometime around now for a few years (mid 2020?).
14. A baby boom is coming! We’re going to be seeing an increase in births in Western nations beginning in 2018. Not sure why but it might be a subconscious reaction to the many deaths of 2016 and 2017 and also part of the fear of nations becoming over-run by refugees around the world – they don’t want to be outnumbered? Bit of a crazy reason to have more babies but also plays into the (thankfully) temporary racist sentiments that are more in the open. Mostly, it’s all about a subconscious need for renewal around the world.

Strange Dream: Smoke and Mirrors

I had a waking dream that was just weird enough I thought I should share. So here it is:

I’m watching the news. There’s a hand holding a cigarette over a black ashtray, smoke swirling up and the shot pans out to Peter Jennings. It cuts to another black ashtray and somebody trying to light a cigarette and it catches then there’s smoke swirling up and we see Peter Mansbridge laughing and saying “I’m going to get in trouble for this probably.” Then he explains this is an introduction for a piece on special effects.

Then it cuts to a woman’s voice talking about a dry river bed and horses and then you see three brown horses walking down this riverbed; a foamy water comes pouring down and the horses wind up with water up to the middle of their chests so the second horse wraps its front legs around the first horse’s chest and third horse does the same to the second. But the foamy water keeps rising so the next thing you see is the three horses with one standing on top of the other and the third on top of that, with the water up to the middle of the neck of the first horse. The woman’s voice over says: “Without special effects, movies would be pretty boring, wouldn’t they?”

Then the next news piece was saying that because of the shooting at the Trump rally, the Republican party is asking for a six month to one year extension to the Presidential election to give them time to regroup.

Then I woke up.

Writing the dream out I realized that the main theme is it’s all just smoke and mirrors (special effects). I did also want to put this out there because I have on occasion had dreams that have come true; I hope that security around Trump is very strong – I’m not fond of the guy but I certainly don’t wish that on him.

2016 Predictions

It’s that time again.  I’ll leave it to you to decide how well I did with 2015 but bear in mind that what I see is sometimes symbolic.  I’m still puzzling over Harper and a hole in a plane on the passenger side near the door.  Was that when the downward slide really started?  I think it had to do with the plane that was shot down over the Ukraine but I’m still not sure how that ties in with Harper.  So you see.  My picture of Rob Ford on the floor, ostensibly shot, that was more figurative but the timing was right for his cancer, sad as it was.  So like I’ve said before this for me is something I’ve always done, it’s up to you to decide how right I am, understanding that sometimes I’m off by a year or more.

So what do I see for 2016?  I’m actually a nervous thinking about 2016.  It’s just that there are so many different ways that the current state of affairs in the world is going that I am very hesitant to even look.  Some things I do see anyway without focussing are:

  1.  Eastern Canada is going to be the new focus of migration in Canada.  Alberta is out (for now, migration will return) but there is an appeal that has people returning and others coming for financial reasons but it may be more that the cost of living is somewhat cheaper and there is opportunity to start businesses without the competition you get in places like Ontario or Alberta.
  2. Speaking of migration, I’m seeing large groups of people leaving – kind of like the Syria lines of people trying to get to Europe, but that’s not what I’m seeing.  I’m seeing people you don’t expect migrating on foot because they have to.  Like the dustbowl of the 1930s, these are people walking in North America trying to get somewhere else because they just can’t stay where they are.  I think this has something to do with an earthquake or similar scope of natural disaster.
  3. Money – 2015 was not a financially good year for Canada with the drop in oil prices, OPEC saying the hell with it and doing their own thing, the fall in the Canadian dollar – it’s big to us but in the grand scheme of things we’re really small.  We’re feeling the fallout and it isn’t kind but I do see us using our resources in a better way and picking ourselves up and moving on.  We’re a resource rich nation and we will find a way to sell what people in the rest of the world need.  We’ll be back to where we were before 2008 around 2030 I think.  Understanding of course that a lot is going to happen in the next 14 years or so that will make oil based fuels not commonplace at all anymore.  We can take comfort that the rest of the world is in pretty much the same shape we are or worse off.
  4. Banks – there’s a big shake up coming, and I am still seeing something with credit where people get something back.  It’s a legal decision but on a world scale.  In the longer view our current financial systems are on the way out.
  5. What has started with the sharing economy (Uber, Airbnb, etc.) is continuing.  People are stretched to the limit, sucked dry with huge interest rates and the cost of heat, fuel, electricity.  This secondary economy is going to expand so that people can have a little more in their lives.  It does come to the detriment of banks and credit companies, which quite frankly is fine by me.
  6. There’s something very dark about 2016 that starts off simmering around February and continues until mid-summer or so when it becomes obvious that this darkness is there.  No, I don’t know what it is and I’m a little leery of paying any more attention to it.  Just be careful in late July or August.
  7. We’re going to be seeing a lot of losses of people who mean something to us; elderly statesmen, artists, actors.  It will in some ways seem like a year of loss, I’m sorry to say.  I hope I’m wrong in this.
  8. One actress I got a sense was going to have a very good year is Olivia Munn.  Not sure why I clued into her exactly but that’s what I saw – I think she gets a part that truly shows how talented she is, and I think she gets married?  Anyway, good for her if this is true.
  9. Donald Trump – I have a bad feeling about him, I don’t think he’s safe.  He definitely won’t be President, even if there’s no harm coming to him.
  10. I want to say something positive to balance out all the not so pleasant things I’m seeing so I will say that truth and compassion are continuing to become the way that people want the world to be.  For that I am grateful, it’s been a long time coming.  But harbingers of truth need also to be careful, the people who prefer to be selfish and mean aren’t giving up easily.
  11. To everyone:  please just be careful, and lead with your heart.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2016.



2015 Mid-Year Predictions

This year is going by so swiftly and there’s just so much happening that I thought it might be good to look ahead again as we are past the midpoint and already a lot of what I pointed out before has happened. There’s also a major shift of sorts that I’m seeing so I want to put out there a mid-2015 and beyond longer looking ahead.

But first my usual disclaimer. I am by no means claiming to be a fortune teller. As long as I can remember I did a thing I called looking ahead where I imagine a future time or date and mentally try to see what I see. Later on I learned this is a form of remote viewing so I have taken some classes in that and looked at a DVD program. The formal remote viewing I can do, but in my wanting to have a glimpse of tomorrow I still do my old looking ahead and seeing what I see. Am I right? Occasionally. For me it’s fun and people in my life a few years ago asked me to post them so I do now. Personal looking ahead things I write down and keep private for obvious reasons. Do I do this for other people? Just friends and family, for fun really or to give an opinion on something if asked because again, I’m not always right and I don’t claim to be doing anything more than a mental exercise; sometimes I glimpse things that don’t happen for a couple years after when I thought they would. It is really is just a fun exercise for me.

If you want to try this, there’s no harm in trying it yourself. So here’s what I do. When I’m relaxed and things are quiet (like on a Sunday afternoon when no one’s around, or just before sleep), I close my eyes and say to myself mentally “it is (whatever date, month, etc., something like spring 2017, April 2016, December 31st 2015)” and then try to picture myself in that date. I mentally think of all the people close to me, people I’m wondering about; if there’s a country or star or something I specifically want to look at I’ll think of them. Usually I will just mentally try to picture where I am – if I’m thinking of a job situation, can I imagine myself at the workplace? If I’m thinking of a person, can I imagine them in that date? If I want a general idea of what’s happening I picture myself reading a newspaper with that date (that’s how I do my Dec 31st ones). Now, before you try this I will warn you: sometimes try as you might you may not be able to picture somebody at a date in the future. A few times for me it turned out that that person died and it freaked me out so badly I stopped this for a number of years. Later on, because of life events I chose to try to get that glimpse again and doing it more I realized that somebody not being there doesn’t mean they are dead, it means they are out of your life at that point in time. If this happens for you, try looking at a different time and see if they come back to view. If not, again, it doesn’t mean they are dead, they could just be out of your life (maybe for a long time or forever – it happens).

Here goes:

August 23, 2015 Looking Ahead:

• Art Bell’s wife will be pregnant with a son by March. It will be fine this time.

• Elections – I still see NDP and Liberals closely tied. NDP wins. Conservatives 3rd, Greens more seats. A note on the Greens – watch in the coming two elections after this one, they will be heard more and will get more seats similar to how the Greens are in Europe.

• I saw George Noory in a serious romantic relationship by Christmas of this year.

• El Niño – scientists today are saying warm water will lessen its effects. If so it would be a monster because it will be a brutal winter in ways we don’t expect. I still see fire for this year but focusing on El Niño I see a lot of wind and wild fluctuations in temperature between mild and suddenly colder with snowstorms then mild spring-like weather again. Electricity outages are widespread across Canada – not all at once – but it will be a theme, often due to the wind. Gotta get those wires underground!

• President Carter – I really like him so I looked. I see him at 93. He’ll be around a bit but staying home. Cancer will be managed – remission?

• Royal family – an accident (motorized conveyance) hurts one of them; I see a wheelchair. Andrew maybe? I see his face he might be it or there when it happens? Not sure. Late Fall I think.

• Economy – When I think of this year I get a 1929 feel about things. There’s a fragile balance right now. I say 1929 because there are cycles in time where a similar feel and tone to another plays out – on a grander scale, is this similar on a world level to reincarnation on a people level? Anyway, that’s what I keep getting, and like I said in the December 31st post things are are still looking like they are going to be very different by the end of the year. In my own lifetime I liken the feeling I get that’s closest to this is 9/11 but it’s not the same, it’s not terrorism, it’s a feeling of “before 2015 it was like…after 2015 it’s…” with a different feel. That kind of a shift. But I think it’s economically related so that peripherally governments and people are affected. At the end of the day people in the middle class, those who are suffocating with debt, they actually will come out the better because of remedies (I still see debt forgiveness but I have to admit it may be wishful thinking on my part unless there’s a major shift in policy).

• Bright lights – there are some. Remember, in difficult times is when very bright lights emerge to shine in the darkness. I’m still waiting for that dark haired Australian fellow to make us all laugh. There’s going to be a resurgence in music that we can compare to the 60s/70s – folksy, musically wonderful and a change. We’re going to see more of this in the coming months and years. In film, art and literature it’s mainly because of new ways of getting the work out is becoming mainstream so the popular work will get the attention it deserves, and they will be popular because they are good and different, taking advantage of the newer mediums – again it’s a 1920s/30s feel if you look at radio/film/art/literature.

• Current ideas of reusing, sharing, cooperation, homemade, gardening in small spaces, all of these themes will continue to grow. That mentally links me back to the 30s/40s. It’s not just because we have to (too expensive? make do/make your own) but because we really want to. We are throwing off the consumerism/marketing mantal in a big way in the coming months and years. It’s all about the things that really make us happy instead of shiny new toys we need to pay for for years. But – technology is where the leap forward is. People are clamouring for new energy technologies and new communications (and by extension entertainment). We really start to see more of this towards the end of the year and onwards, but even then it’s about how inexpensively we can do this. Doesn’t bode well for big telecom/wireless companies, especially after November. Not sure why November but there we have it.

• Donald Trump – something early next year causes him to stop playing the court jester/devil’s advocate role and get serious. He loses out eventually but he does show a side to him that’s more intelligent and thoughtful. The damage has been done as far as his reputation goes though. People just don’t trust him and trust is a major issue going forward in 2016/2017. Not lip-service media line trust. Really trustworthy is what is important.

• Scandals – we’re not done yet. There are more and the interesting thing in these scandals this year is the underlying issues they expose – it is becoming less about who did what but the how and the why. Watch for another male that we honestly can’t fathom doing what he did. Tied to Europe and this person is a young middle-aged one.

So. That’s my fun for late August. Am I right? We’ll see!

Predictions for 2015

And here they are, my annual predictions for your reading pleasure. Happy New Year!

I hear the song, “We’re not going to take it, we’re not going to take it anymore!” That’s the theme for this year overall. It’s an overiding theme touching many countries and in more than one aspect. People are fed up with intrusions into their lives. It’s a matter of taking back that which they think they have lost. It varies depending on where you are; for instance in the Middle East, the people who so far have been either afraid to speak or are obedient regardless of their own beliefs (or both) feel a line has been crossed. They will be fighting against terrorists and religions will speak much more loudly against those who use religion as an excuse for evil. They will stand up, they will look at how people are treating each other in the name of religion and in the end, they will seek freedom from rigid dogma. It won’t be pretty, there will be much damage and death but they feel they have no choice. This particular situation will last for several years.

Money. Deflation will accelerate. What started with oil will branch out into other commodities in a domino effect. Money lenders (banks, etc.) will decry the devaluation of things because they are losing, but people rejoice. There will be bank foreclosures but no bail outs. They have to draw on their own reserves and behave more fairly to customers or the customers will walk. Because again, the theme is “we’re not going to take it”. Ditto with other credit instruments. These companies will be forced to reduce interest rates and fees, even reduce balances inflated by interest and fees accumulated because of more collusion and finangling coming to light.

Light is going to be shed on a lot of dark things, from inside sources and as a result of legal cases and audit/investigations. My sense is that the mega corporations will feel it the most but it will also affect governments. The thing is, when you look at the possibility of bailing out mega corporations people aren’t going to take it. Not the companies who took the jobs and ran to third world countries, not the banks that took the bailout money and left people with impossible mortgages and loans. They will demand that reparation be made to the people, not the few millionaires and billionaires who benefitted in 2008. Part of the outrage the people feel is that they are finally getting a break with low prices for things like oil and low interest
rates on loans. Why would they support using their tax dollars to create a situation that would potentially raise the cost of things again?

The protests and riots we’ve been seeing in 2013 and 2014 will be amped up in 2015 literally all over the world. Everyone has a complaint and darn it, the world’s going to hear – and it will be thanks to social media. The previous grip that governments had over their citizens is going to be loosened even more thanks to innovative technology like that which was used during the recent protests in Hong Kong. The people will be one step ahead and if clamping down will happen, then our brilliant minds who are in their teens, 20s and 30s will find another way.  I don’t know why Microneasia comes to mind but I’m putting out here since it’s what I think of when I was thinking about this topic.

North Korea – someone is going to find a way to sneak the internet to people to show them what they’re missing. Most of all though, they’re missing the family from their divided countries. Something internal is going to happen that opens the door a crack all the while the status quo will be what’s shown, at least until there’s a change in government. I don’t see that happening in 2015 but it’s coming. There may be help from China because they see a threat there and sabre rattling can get tiresome – China won’t be amused over something that happens around June I think.

China – currency problems. They can’t go back to the old ways, people won’t stand for it. They can’t continue in quite the same way so there may be a little more opening of doors in and out. I’m thinking that a more global government is forming behind the scenes, in part because the threat of World War III is very real and not many countries have the stomach for that. China is key player there I think.

Japan – oh dear.  Another massive earthquake?  More close to Tokyo.  This is a country that is going to need help soon, I’m thinking people will be admitted as refugees.  Around April again I think.

Australia – you gotta love Australia and we will, more than we do now.  Something fun comes out of Australia, a happy relief to the tensions, it’s a person and an amusement?  I see a man’s face – young dark hair, but he’s connected with something that is just really fun – a game or toy perhaps?  It makes us laugh whatever it is.

Russia – I think the Ukrainian situation will die down and some peace will be attained because it has to, their thriving economy isn’t anymore and it gets worse in 2015. There’s a shakeup in government coming there too.

Scandals – oh yes, what started in 2014 is the tip of the iceburg. If you’re into numerology, 2015 is an “8” year. Things aren’t going to be able to stay hidden, we’re going to see more of those. Rightly or wrongly – I say that because a lot of scandal is unfair, for instance who is sleeping with who. Should we care? On the other hand, people who are conducting themselves in a matter that is hurtful and illegal that’s another matter. It’s the latter we’re going to see more of. People are tired of the war against drugs and we will continue see more legalization of recreational drugs and governments will get on board when they realize the benefits of tax money received and less cost on policing.

Weather – 2014 was our year of water, 2015 is our year of fire. Fire in the sense of volcanic activity and fires coming from earthquakes. I think it’s going to be hot summer and a dry fall and winter. This winter is more normal than last.

Diseases – there’s a new type of pox that I think will be coming and it could be widespread. When I think of this I see the Americas and it may emerge first in South America. There’s something unusual about who it affects the most but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. This seems to be late summer, fall when it  becomes noticeably present. Ebola will subside by summer. I think there’s going to be a breakthrough in ALS and MS (it ties in with the link to their similarity in loss of myelin).

Canada – I think there’s going to be the federal election around late spring, there’s some undercurrent of something simmering that makes it better not to wait. My guess is that there will nearly be a tie between the Liberals and NDP with Conservatives a distant 3rd. Green party will pick up a couple of seats.

Energy – I still think there’s going to be a home electrical generating unit that will be available to people at a reasonable cost very soon. Getting one will be difficult, not because of cost but because of a high demand. This is also a good job creation industry as factories are built to make these units and similar devices to adapt to other items.

In summary, this year is a whole lot of shaking going on, earth wise and people wise. There’s going to be great number of changes that make the end of 2015 be very different from today.

2014 Predictions

Yup, it’s that time of year again, so here we are, my predictions for 2014. As always I will say that I in no way claim to be a psychic in the grand sense, just that sometimes I can see things that come true. I started writing these a couple of weeks ago and one has actually come to pass but I do elaborate beyond the news item.

So how did I do for 2013? You be the judge 🙂

1. Medical first responders are being called from across Canada – they need nurses and paramedics and doctors (interns accepted) to aid in a very large disaster in the mid-west but I’m not sure if it’s the US or Canada or both maybe (near the border?). I’m seeing fire but I also see flowing burning rivers of stuff so it could be a volcano or oil pipe explosion? Timeframe is around March.

2. In January near new years there a disaster that people think initially is terrorist related – it’s not, it’s natural. West coast US.

3. Weather – the nasty winter we’re having in Eastern Canada continues. There’s a break in February with sun and melting that has people thinking maybe we’ll get an early spring but it will come back with a vengance. Will be May before the snow clears. This whole year is water, lots of water. In Quebec eastern townships an earthquake (medium sized) and ledo clay will cause houses to slide with some deaths reported. That might be around June.

4. Royal family – significant upheaval. Prince Philip dies in September I think and the Queen will rethink her role – takes to reigning in name only, handing offer her duties to the younger ones. Prince Charles has a health scare – heart? (As an aside, I don’t see him ever being King). Prince Harry gets engaged in the summer, Kate will be pregnant again with an August announcement.

5. Justin Beiber slips out of public eye around February for some time. He has health issues that need to be taken care of. He also needs to have some space to get back to reality. He will be home in Canada for a few months at least. Will eventually spend more time writing music for others and is thinking of pursuing more acting roles.

6. Cancer. This is a year where a number of well known people will be diagnosed with cancer and it will be enough that it will seem surprizing. One notable young male actor will die of what I think is bone cancer (and it’s not Justin Beiber, lol).

7. I don’t where to begin with Stephen H and the government. The pot that boiled this year overboils and the mess that’s been hidden overflows. The conservative government won’t last through 2014. The next election, when it comes after a period of interim government called by the Governor General will be won by the NDP. The Liberals will be in power again but not before the election after this one (2017) and both elections will result in minority governments. The Conservatives will be reduced to a number similar to when Kim Campbell was leader after the election that nearly ended the PC party. On another note, I see an aircraft with flames burning just below the passenger door on the left hand side that somehow ties in with all of this (a trigger?) but – is this image literal or figurative?

8. Rob Ford. Hmm. I see a body on the floor, a hand, a gun. Is it him or related to him in someway or, like the plane image, figurative? Regardless this is something happening in May. There will be an election in Toronto in April I think.

9. Somebody wonderful from England becomes well known this year. I believe it’s a woman and she is young, but she has a gift that makes people feel good about themselves but importantly, others. Very much a Mother Theresa vibe about her but she’s not religious; she’s either a singer or writer.

10. Bitcoins are going to be more than people realize. Credit cards and banking in general is going to be revolutionized – not necessarily all in one year, but this is a starting wave that is impossible to ignore. The evolution is not by government but by people disillusioned and frustrated by years of financial thievery on the part of banks and government. Last year I saw the credit cards being called out and fees lowered – it sort of happened but not nearly as much as I had thought. Regardless, what they did wasn’t good enough. Watch for a housing market meltdown caused by attempts to cool the rising prices that unfortunately are lowering prices in areas there’s no need for that to happen and the difficulty and frustration middle class people see with getting a mortgage and the high down payments needed. The moral of this story is that low interest rates are great if you access to credit. Many people don’t.

11. Finance Minister Flaherty will resign, ostensibly for health reasons but more likely to avoid fall out from something being uncovered in the late winter Feb/March timeframe. (Yes I know I predicted this last year, may well be the same prediction happening a little later is all).

12. Sochi Olympics – Ukranian athletes – I see police arresting a number of them on suspicion of a threat. There isn’t one, at least not from them. I do see that these games will be full of nerve wracking incidents that scare people, but no actual harm to the athletes and spectators. The terrorist attacks that happened over the last couple of days (2) will continue though. I see 3 more (for a total of 5).

13. Overall I see it as a year of people finding themselves at their truest level. People want simple now, and family, happiness is what is most important after years of being burnt by employers and banks and credit card companies. In a way they’re just saying “enough, you can take your money grubbing ways, we’re not interested in that anymore.” The effect of this on industry though is huge because for now at least, consumerism is dead.

14. Electrical source – a new novel affordable home electrical generator set up/device that will power individual homes will be made available widely for people to buy. I see this coming out of Japan – it will be quite popular in Europe and North America, so much so that there will be a shortage and waiting lists for orders. This should be late fall (November) when it will be a commonly known and wanted item.

So what do you think? Will this be as accurate as last year? Time will tell!