Predictions for 2018

Here’s my annual “looking ahead” exercise. I’ve explained what I do before but first, this is something I do mainly for amusement. Since I’m sometimes right I do post them because I was told I should by friends. So here they are.

Basically what I do is a form of remote viewing but it’s my own form, something I’ve done for as long I can remember which is: clear the mind, think of a date or a season or a place in the future and basically describe what’s happening. Who is there? Who isn’t? For my year end thing I think of the end of December 2018, and then imagine I’m reading a news year end wrap up. That’s pretty much it. Take it for what it is, which is imagination.

However, just for fun, why don’t you try that and see what happens? Don’t forget to write it down 🙂

Here goes:

  1.   Rolling rivers of lava or mud – this is a major disaster but I don’t know if it is volcanic or a landslide or a tsunami.  It’s swampy muddy thick and wet, grey colour and scary to look at.
  2. Not long after Harry and Meghan get married they will announce a pregnancy.  I think it’s twins – a boy and a girl.  They will have several children in short succession over the next few years.
  3. Something about the mineral gold.  I see raw chunks and gold bars, lots of them.  I have no idea what this means.
  4. White mountain flowers in green grass.  Switzerland in the summertime, there’s an earthquake?  Shaking ground.  There’s also something about the Hadron colider but I’m not sure if it causes this or is shut down as a precaution for a few weeks because of this event.  Not a deadly thing, just a bit worrying.
  5. There’s a widespread outbreak in North American that has a rash (looks like measles?) and is somewhat drug resistant and there will be some deaths.
  6. Something about a 3 wheeled bicycle tour around the world.  The world is fascinated by this journey – it’s a 30ish year old woman.
  7. Weather – there’s a big tsunami in the same area as the previous huge tsunami, but this time people are a little more prepared, still an awful lot of damage.  Japan is involved here.  Overall this looks like a year of volcanic activity, earthquakes and lots of water again.  The drought is worsening and will continue in California and smoke in the atmosphere will cause cooling in the US west.  There’s earthquake activity on the west coast of North America as well as a serious one in Chile.
  8. Politics – a lot of upheaval.  The US will continue to be unstable for the whole year.  The middle east is building up for a break out against old ways?
  9. It looks like Canada will have a good year economically, and our weather won’t be as extreme as elsewhere.  There is a hurricane that touches the east coast, and it will be a hot and dry summer in the east.  The oil industry is beginning to shut down and some new companies are starting up in Alberta and Saskatchewan to bring inexpensive energy for home uses.
  10. A female politician dies suddenly.  Don’t know who.
  11. A very popular religious leader pops up – young man.  He isn’t what he seems:  “snake-oil salesman” comes to mind.  In general though, people are turning away from fundamentalism, and more towards humanism.
  12. A heartbreaking death of a young child (infant?) – known around the world, seems very unnecessary and is a tipping point for something.  Female, known because of who her parents are (not the royal couple, other people).

Have a wonderful 2018 everyone, and please, show compassion in everything you do.