August 7, 2008

So here’s what I am up to creatively:

I was busy finishing my course “Computers and Human Interraction”. I got an
A, and I can’t afford to sign up for another at the moment so a breather to go work on old and new stuff. My first priority is to edit my two novels and get them published!

I have been doing some filmwork and you can see clips from one event I filmed on I screwed up the titles though (put May instead of July) so I’ll eventually have to fix that but considering I’m not getting paid for it, well….It did inspire me to continue with putting stuff up on YouTube and a while ago I had started putting together my song “Pepperoni and Pickles” with images on Windows Movie Maker for posting to my own YouTube account and I do think I’ll finish that. I’ll post the link once it is up.

Two of my favorite short story contests are the Toronto Star Short Story contest (I was a Judge’s Choice winner in that one year) and the CBC Radio Short Story competition. Both of these will opening fairly soon so I’d love to have some new material to submit. It’s been a couple of years since I sent anything in to either of them so now’s the time I think.

And of course, if I haven’t signed up for another course in the next month or so, there is always Nanowrimo…..