Yes, I’m Back!

In week 7 of my staying home, I did some amazing things. The first four weeks of my leaving my job I spent mostly sleeping and had little energy to do much, which was a bit of a disappointment. I had thought that being free would mean I’d be back at life going full speed ahead on all the projects I’d planned, but I simply couldn’t. It occurred to me that the last year had been so brutal and I was so sleep deprived that I just needed that time doing not much of anything. Not having any money helps, lol, but that’s another matter.

Last week I was starting to get worried. I was wondering whether I was so burnt out it couldn’t come back; I mean, I tried stuff. I started and gave up on a short story for the CBC contest. That in itself was unlike me, but it was also a part of a pattern after having had to drop a university course I should have finished easily. Oh, I wasn’t completely a lump, I started running around the block with the dog once in a while, I started doing volunteer stuff again. But that was just a small part of what I want to do.

So I started doing Nanowrimo again – now I’ve won 3 times in that, one which is a published book and the other two were two parts of another novel, which I have been editing and formatting since then. Not having that one out yet has bothered me a great deal because I truly love the story.

This year though I was determined I was take a good stab at Nano and hopefully finish something. Well I’m proud to say that I now have 8,827 words written and the story has a good chance of making the 50k mark in time.

The most remarkable thing though was today I got up, cleaned up an area in the living room that was bothering me, ran around the block with the dog, then spent two hours doing some major cleaning in the basement. Then I sat down and wrote 4000 words. And then it hit me: the was the way I used to be before my horrible year. I’m back!

Note to self, never ever let any one or anything get me that far down again.