2013 Predictions

I like to do predictions every year as a fun exercise.  I’m not a psychic or anything like that but sometimes they come true (my 2012 ones had several hits).  That being said please don’t take these as anything more than me having fun.

Here goes:

1.  In January I see a massive forest fire – I think it’s California, there’s also a serious weather event in Australia that may be something to do with a big flood.  There’s an earthquake on the West Coast of the US – no, not the big one but scary enough to have people thinking.

2.  Something about money – I’m thinking Europe, could be Spain or Portugal.  What’s important about this event is that it sets off a world-wide chain reaction that isn’t pretty.  Following that, prices for things including gas plunge, and for the most part people are happy about that.  However, like 2008 a lot of jobs will be lost when inventory can’t be sold for what companies paid to stock their shelves; again that’s world wide.  Prices don’t bounce back up though; they stay low for at least the rest of 2013 and going into 2014.  The price plunging actually starts in the May-June time frame as a result of the financial crisis.

3.  There’s something about banks and credit cards about to be revealed; its a systemic problem that will cause interest rates to be reduced greatly and people who have defaulted may be given a grace payment thing where black marks related to them are removed from peoples’ credit rating.  Has to do with an discovery that consumers are en masse defaulting and it’s not for lack of trying to pay.  Rules will change, as will the finance minister.  Not sure the time frame but I think it’s somewhere around July, after the big financial breakdown.

4.  Harper government is about to come to a rude awakening.  I see them being brought down by the end of the year, based on something very inexcusable coming to light around August or September.  It could spell the end of the Conservative party; certainly a number of MPs resign and do not run again.  I’ll think on what that could possibly be; at the moment I don’t see what or why.  Whatever, this is likely to be the one thing that they can’t get out of and proroguing will not be to their advantage.  What I do think is that whatever it is, it isn’t what we’ve already been dealing with (like robocalls) – this is something very new.  Collusion is a word that pops to mind.

5.  In general, 2013 is a year of rude awakenings.  I see the entire year like a huge spotlight shining; it is a universal energy type of force that is affecting every single person on Earth.  Secrets will come into the light, and to some degree those who need to be brought to account will be.  On the bright side, 2013 can also be the year that some amazing people are also brought into the light.  Those who shine in 2013 will be people who move the consciousness of the world forward, away from the darkness we have been sinking deeper into.

6.  As good as 2013 will be for many people, it will be equally difficult in many ways.  There is a huge turnaround coming and in many ways it won’t be pretty.  I see riots, more gun killing sprees, not just in the US but also in Europe in unexpected places (Switzerland?).  

7.  The federal civil service is about to have another shake up, most likely because of the scandal in the fall, however it is also related to antiquated policies and cumbersome procedures that simply can’t deal with the fallout of the mess that has come from higher up.  I see fewer departments and fewer employees, but also more use of current technology.  Teleworking will be more encouraged to save money.

8.  In medicine I see two things:  first, this will be the year of the Stem Cell.  Research will prove some amazing capabilities of stem cells and a new technique to easily extract a patients’ own cells will bring about cures for a number of things previously thought incurable.  Diabetes comes to mind.  Second, there is a virus or something like that coming out of Africa.  This will emerge in 2013 and it will have a unique property in that there is a genetic component; certain people will be completely immune, others not and some will have a milder version, but it will be based on a person’s genetic makeup, not their age or physical condition.  

9.  Venice – in the late summer early fall I get a feeling that something weather related will happen to cause major damage to Venice, Italy.

10.  A young celebrity will die in mysterious circumstances.  It’s a male and it will take some time to discover the reason.  Turns out it’s due to an unknown medical condition.

11.  A leader of a country will resign over family reasons, for instance to deal with a medical problem of a child.  Not sure which country, not even sure if the leader is male or female.  


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