Magnetic Shifts

This is a great big world
We live in, you and I
Footsteps falling on earth
Joined by molecules and miles
We are all connected.

Once we were too
Blood is blood after all –
We were close or
So I thought;
Turns out
We’re not.

You won’t see this
I don’t expect you to
I won’t apologize
For doing right by you
Even if you think
Right now.

Someday when the dust settles
When misdemeanors turned
Epic tales of horrible thoughts
Are calmed and
A little bit of fond remembrance
Trickles in
I hope you think kindly of me.

I said this before:
You can only be you
I can only be me
And that’s how it is.

Time is a fickle creature
Endless and long at first
There comes a day you wonder
How did those ten years
So swiftly disappear?

The Earth is huge
There are infinite places to hide
If you choose to
But sometimes just next door
Is more distant than Lac Marville
Time and space is funny that way.

Magnetic shifts –
What is close
Gets pushed away
Until the pole turns.

Well, this is where you’ll
Find me
Just where I’ve been
All along.

©Catherine M. Harris, 14-September-2017


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