Sarra, Alone in a Strange New World – a novella on Tablo

Sarra, Alone in A Strange New World is a book I wrote back when I was 17-18.  I had big dreams back then, I was going to be a world famous author and this was my first finished book.  I sent it off to many publishers and waited and waited and … nobody liked it. Rejected, it sank to the bottom of a box and waited while I grew up, got married, got unmarried, had children, wrote lots of other stuff, moved, got a few things published, published a few more on my own. It came to see the light of day today.

Back in 1979-80 young adult fiction didn’t really exist, certainly nothing of the brevity of the vampire novels and hundreds of others that have been published in the last ten years or so.

I decided that since this novella had been typed on now yellowing paper and if that’s gone it’s gone forever, I should try and transcribe it to a Word file.  At the end of Chapter 1 (about a third of the way through) I thought: you know what?  It’s not that bad.  And there’s some freaky things in there if you consider that it was written 35 years ago.

I haven’t changed it except for spelling errors and adding a couple of “he said”s to clarify things.

This is what I do on my vacations, when I’m not playing with pallets in the backyard trying to create stuff, and eating ice cream by the Saint John River.

Life is good.


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