Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

LOL nothing special to write about just using my birthday as an excuse for a title. What I’ve been up to lately is a lot of work so writing and other things have taken a bit of hiatus while I attend to long days. However, that should be winding down soon and it’s time to think about gardening and house fix up things that don’t cost a fortune.

In my blog you will notice that there’s a recipe for New Brunswick brown bread. It’s actually Maritime Brown Bread, I just call it that because well, that’s where I fell in love with it lol. But one thing that this recipe does – aside from provide people who are unfamiliar with this wonderful east coast bread a chance to make it – is start a new category for my blog.

I have two unique things that I’ve been given and have held onto for years not quite sure what to do with them. The first is from my family – a great aunt of mine (on my mother’s side of the family) – and it is handwritten and clipped from magazines recipes dating from the early part of the 20th century to about 1940. I love all the cartoons with flapper ladies and from ww1 era, hints for maidens and married women, that sort of thing. The recipes themselves are funny because many of them talk about cooking over a medium flame in the oven and stuff like that from back in the days of wood stoves. I’ve tried to cook a few of those recipes but I’ll honestly have to try to figure them out first. Anyway, I’ve been thinking of scanning and posting those recipes for the sheer historical value of them.

The other recipe book is from “grammie-great” my mother-in-law’s mother and they are pencil recipes no doubt dictated from her mother or other relatives in a notebook. I worry about losing those wonderful recipes (where the brown bread comes from, by the way) and I’m sure there’s some I’d like to try and bring into my repertoire, again so these old family recipes don’t disappear and my son and daughter can pass them down.

Stay tuned for more, many of which may well be unique for the passage of time and tastes can cause good recipes to be lost in time. Here’s hoping I can resurrect a few of those.

Wish me luck,


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