Predictions for 2015

And here they are, my annual predictions for your reading pleasure. Happy New Year!

I hear the song, “We’re not going to take it, we’re not going to take it anymore!” That’s the theme for this year overall. It’s an overiding theme touching many countries and in more than one aspect. People are fed up with intrusions into their lives. It’s a matter of taking back that which they think they have lost. It varies depending on where you are; for instance in the Middle East, the people who so far have been either afraid to speak or are obedient regardless of their own beliefs (or both) feel a line has been crossed. They will be fighting against terrorists and religions will speak much more loudly against those who use religion as an excuse for evil. They will stand up, they will look at how people are treating each other in the name of religion and in the end, they will seek freedom from rigid dogma. It won’t be pretty, there will be much damage and death but they feel they have no choice. This particular situation will last for several years.

Money. Deflation will accelerate. What started with oil will branch out into other commodities in a domino effect. Money lenders (banks, etc.) will decry the devaluation of things because they are losing, but people rejoice. There will be bank foreclosures but no bail outs. They have to draw on their own reserves and behave more fairly to customers or the customers will walk. Because again, the theme is “we’re not going to take it”. Ditto with other credit instruments. These companies will be forced to reduce interest rates and fees, even reduce balances inflated by interest and fees accumulated because of more collusion and finangling coming to light.

Light is going to be shed on a lot of dark things, from inside sources and as a result of legal cases and audit/investigations. My sense is that the mega corporations will feel it the most but it will also affect governments. The thing is, when you look at the possibility of bailing out mega corporations people aren’t going to take it. Not the companies who took the jobs and ran to third world countries, not the banks that took the bailout money and left people with impossible mortgages and loans. They will demand that reparation be made to the people, not the few millionaires and billionaires who benefitted in 2008. Part of the outrage the people feel is that they are finally getting a break with low prices for things like oil and low interest
rates on loans. Why would they support using their tax dollars to create a situation that would potentially raise the cost of things again?

The protests and riots we’ve been seeing in 2013 and 2014 will be amped up in 2015 literally all over the world. Everyone has a complaint and darn it, the world’s going to hear – and it will be thanks to social media. The previous grip that governments had over their citizens is going to be loosened even more thanks to innovative technology like that which was used during the recent protests in Hong Kong. The people will be one step ahead and if clamping down will happen, then our brilliant minds who are in their teens, 20s and 30s will find another way.  I don’t know why Microneasia comes to mind but I’m putting out here since it’s what I think of when I was thinking about this topic.

North Korea – someone is going to find a way to sneak the internet to people to show them what they’re missing. Most of all though, they’re missing the family from their divided countries. Something internal is going to happen that opens the door a crack all the while the status quo will be what’s shown, at least until there’s a change in government. I don’t see that happening in 2015 but it’s coming. There may be help from China because they see a threat there and sabre rattling can get tiresome – China won’t be amused over something that happens around June I think.

China – currency problems. They can’t go back to the old ways, people won’t stand for it. They can’t continue in quite the same way so there may be a little more opening of doors in and out. I’m thinking that a more global government is forming behind the scenes, in part because the threat of World War III is very real and not many countries have the stomach for that. China is key player there I think.

Japan – oh dear.  Another massive earthquake?  More close to Tokyo.  This is a country that is going to need help soon, I’m thinking people will be admitted as refugees.  Around April again I think.

Australia – you gotta love Australia and we will, more than we do now.  Something fun comes out of Australia, a happy relief to the tensions, it’s a person and an amusement?  I see a man’s face – young dark hair, but he’s connected with something that is just really fun – a game or toy perhaps?  It makes us laugh whatever it is.

Russia – I think the Ukrainian situation will die down and some peace will be attained because it has to, their thriving economy isn’t anymore and it gets worse in 2015. There’s a shakeup in government coming there too.

Scandals – oh yes, what started in 2014 is the tip of the iceburg. If you’re into numerology, 2015 is an “8” year. Things aren’t going to be able to stay hidden, we’re going to see more of those. Rightly or wrongly – I say that because a lot of scandal is unfair, for instance who is sleeping with who. Should we care? On the other hand, people who are conducting themselves in a matter that is hurtful and illegal that’s another matter. It’s the latter we’re going to see more of. People are tired of the war against drugs and we will continue see more legalization of recreational drugs and governments will get on board when they realize the benefits of tax money received and less cost on policing.

Weather – 2014 was our year of water, 2015 is our year of fire. Fire in the sense of volcanic activity and fires coming from earthquakes. I think it’s going to be hot summer and a dry fall and winter. This winter is more normal than last.

Diseases – there’s a new type of pox that I think will be coming and it could be widespread. When I think of this I see the Americas and it may emerge first in South America. There’s something unusual about who it affects the most but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. This seems to be late summer, fall when it  becomes noticeably present. Ebola will subside by summer. I think there’s going to be a breakthrough in ALS and MS (it ties in with the link to their similarity in loss of myelin).

Canada – I think there’s going to be the federal election around late spring, there’s some undercurrent of something simmering that makes it better not to wait. My guess is that there will nearly be a tie between the Liberals and NDP with Conservatives a distant 3rd. Green party will pick up a couple of seats.

Energy – I still think there’s going to be a home electrical generating unit that will be available to people at a reasonable cost very soon. Getting one will be difficult, not because of cost but because of a high demand. This is also a good job creation industry as factories are built to make these units and similar devices to adapt to other items.

In summary, this year is a whole lot of shaking going on, earth wise and people wise. There’s going to be great number of changes that make the end of 2015 be very different from today.

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