Week 10 and counting and counting and counted…

Nano2012_Winner-100x100-2 Yes, I did it! I finished 50,000 words of my novel on Nanowrimo on time, in fact I was done a day early. It feels great to be writing again, and it struck me that this novel might actually be one that sells, at least in Canada anyway. It’s a funny and hopefully touching story of a long time civil servant on the chopping block and her friends, coworkers, family… It’s not an autobiography but it is a way to throw in a few of my sillier stories, some that happened to me, some I only heard of. And some are pure imagination. Wish I knew an Ottawa book agent because I’d hate to see this languish unpurchased and unread once I do finish it.

So I’m in week 10 of my early retirement, and it’s a week of annoyance and not a little bit of fear. I’m sitting in a weird conundrum that only happens to civil servants, in that while I await my pension and my severance, I have nothing. Well, nothing besides the ever increasing pile of scary bills and threatening phone calls. As of tomorrow I will have bounced the mortgage, car and loan payments twice and the irony is that I’m expecting money that will cover it but cannot get an answer when or how much so I can’t phone these people and say to them hold on, x dollars are coming in x days, sorry for the delay. Nope. The reason I can’t is it’s already past the generic time to process that is, and is now in whenever territory. I’ve heard scary stories of eight or ten months and still waiting, and by then I’ll be on the street. To add to the irony is they mail your first payments so what do you do if you don’t have a mailbox and your bank isn’t talking to you? Hmmm.

I’m not in quite same boat as people who are too young to take early retirement, because I’m not in a position to be trying for EI, however those people aren’t either because of a weird rule that says the code for resignation is what is put on their Employment Record so they can’t claim EI when they are laid off. The unions are trying to get that changed but so far, no dice. I really do feel sorry for these people, I do. If I were 30 with a young family and a big mortgage it would be a terrifying torture to know that you can’t even claim EI even though you’ve paid for it all these years.

As for me, well, I can’t fix up the house until I have money enough to buy paint and pay for trips to the dump and stuff like that. I’ve applied for a copywriter job but not holding my breath on that, and am up still for a job I applied for in August but if I take it I may wind up worse off than I am now so while I go through the motions it may not be the best choice for me if it’s offered now. Life is just a little scary at the moment.

Wish me luck with my book, and please send the universe thoughts that what is owed comes to me now. Merci beaucoup, and that’s it for now 🙂


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